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Every morning, just before I head out to work I do a Duck check to make sure our little duck is sitting in her nest and she looks happy. This morning I did exactly that not expecting anything to be different, except it was. For one thing, she wasn’t on her nest. And for another, there were a whole bunch of chicks frolicking around my garden!

I've lost count of how many there are!

You can’t see them all in the photo but I reckon there are 15-16 of the little darlings and as before they are amazingly cute. I left the gate open for them in case they decide to leave (I’ve no idea how they’d get out otherwise as with the gate shut a non-flying bird would struggle) but hopefully they’ve only just hatched and will spend another day in my garden. If they do hang around we’ll be able to go in late to work tomorrow and follow them to wherever they go, protecting them from cars / people / cats / meteor strikes. And then we’ll spend the next year hoping our duck will come back again!

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  1. So John, where’s the followup article, the adventures of duck herding ?


  2. Unfortunately when I got home they’d all gone. 🙁

    I’m just going to have to wait until next year before I can follow them to water sadly.


  3. John, You were so blessed to have those little darlings in your garden! Completely precious! In CA, I had for three years in a row a mother hummingbird nest in my potted, yes potted tree outside my apartment in the courtyard. She was at eye level and I could see her in her tiny nest, sitting on her eggs. For three years, she occupied the same tree, and had two babies each time. I felt so honored that she chose me!


  4. Wow, a nesting hummingbird – you’re so lucky! The chicks must have been so cute considering how small they are. I don’t think I’ve even seen baby hummingbirds on a documentary never mind in real life!


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