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Our Duck Returns!


Last year we were thrilled to find that a duck was nesting in our garden. She went from romping to nesting to rearing 14 new chicks in a mere 28 days (give or take). We were keeping our fingers crossed she’d come back this year – although since she arrived in May of last year we thought we had a few weeks to go. But while my good lady was doing some gardening she heard a familiar hissing noise and it turns out our duck has come back a month early:

Our duck returns for another year

It’s been unseasonably warm this year which no doubt explains her early arrival and this time she’s created her nest so we can actually see it from the window. I’m sure she’s done it so we can keep an eye on her and make sure everything’s alright. How thoughtful…

Shortly after I took the photo above she just about flew into me – I guess spending all day on the nest made her wings pretty stiff and her flying a little rusty. Welcome back young lady!

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  1. I think she must be since it’s in almost the same place and she doesn’t mind us getting too close to her. The chances that we’d get another duck just happen to nest in the same plant bed seems pretty slim!


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