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Renewing Our Wedding Vows


My good lady and my wedding was a wonderful day. But we both have regrets from the day and things we’d like to have changed. It took her a while to admit to me that she really loved my white suit and imagined herself wearing it instead of her dress. But it took even longer for me to admit to myself and then to her that what I really wanted was to wear her dress myself for the day.

Well, we decided the only thing to do was to recreate the entire day and do it a bit differently. We booked the venue, re-invited the guests (most of whom we were delighted to find attended) and this time she wore the suit and I wore the dress. I think you’ll agree this is how we should have done it first time around:

Our 'proper' wedding photo

She looks amazing in my suit doesn’t she? We stopped short of re-issuing a wedding list but if you feel like you’d like to send us something to congratulate us, then don’t let me stop you!

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  1. Bloody hell, that’s scary! Rachael actually looks quite good in a suit, but that image of you would give young children nightmares! Maybe it’s the expression, but you remind me of Davros!


  2. Will you be writing one of your “Photo Tips” articles on the techniques you used to get such a realistic effect?


  3. I was once invited to a lesbian wedding (they hired a Vicar of Dibley lookalike to read the vows). This looks a little like their wedding photo…


  4. That’s the funniest photo since “Will unblock drains for food”!!


  5. haha that is quite impressive, if you did not look so strange I may have actually believed it to be real


  6. Yes, and apparently your wife is quite a brawny fellow or you’re very short John. Not a bad April 1st, but….did you ask her permission first ? 🙂


  7. Cracker John. I never noticed your ample cleavage before — must be a bugger when playing footie. 🙂


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