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A Glut Of Good Music


I haven’t bought a CD in ages. I’m one of these old fashioned sorts who likes to actually buy real CDs that I can put in my CD rack and play on my real CD player (especially the one in the car). I know I can download everything off the net, play it on my iPod and computer, but I still like actually having the real thing with a nicely printed inlay! But over the last few months I haven’t seen anything I want to buy, it’s just been a quiet period for good music.

All this has changed with the release of albums from Bloc Party, The Shins, The Kaiser Chiefs, Arcade Fire, Maximo Park and Idlewild – all bands I’m a big fan of. However it’s Idlewild’s album I’ve been waiting for with the most anticipation.

Warnings and Promises by IdlewildAs I mentioned in My Top Albums of 2005, their previous offering Warnings and Promises was and remains one of my favourite albums. For anybody “lucky” enough to have been in my car while this album’s been playing (which it has done pretty solidly for the last 2 years) they’ll be able to testify how much I like it. I love to deliberately throw in the odd off-key note and really give it everything on the high notes just to keep them on their toes!

Their latest effort, Make Another World, has all the making of another classic for me, I’m learning the words already! Most of the time when I really love an album, the follow-up tend to disappointment me. I’ll keep comparing it to the previous one which is on a pedestal and therefore can’t be matched – unfair I know but hey, that’s what most women do with men! 😉 But I’m liking this one so much I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to sit it up on that pedestal alongside and hit those high-notes with frightening irregularity while driving to work! I pity the fool who has to hear it…

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  1. Have you got the new Kaiser Chefs’ album? If so, is it any good? I didn’t like the Ruby single at first but it grew on me.


  2. I can’t wait – as long as it’s not a transmittable disease that you’re bringing…


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