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The Slow Fade To Grey


I haven’t written about my hair for a while, and since it’s the most popular category on this site (incredible but true, see below) I thought it was about time I let you into a little secret. You see I’m 32 years of age now, and while I still can’t grow a full beard (and realise that I guess I never will), I’m very very slowly going grey.

It's true, people like my hair!

The grey hairs first showed up years ago. There were just a few of them and I was so surprised that I pulled one out and had a close look at it – the thought of me having grey hairs in my 20’s was unspeakable. It couldn’t be! As there were only a few I pulled them out and forgot about them. I then had a period of 5 years with very short hair, a crew cut in fact. This was a very practical haircut as it required no maintenance at all, no trips to the hair dresser, and didn’t show up any grey hairs.

As has been well documented, I then grew my hair to shoulder length so I looked like a folk singer, and then cut it back into the much more fashionable look you see on my About Page, which is what it looks like now. However sometimes when my hair gets blown around by the wind or it dries in a certain way, close observers can just make out a small collection of grey hairs mixing in with the brown ones. While on holiday in Australia they showed up in the sunshine and I pulled one out, marvelling at how white it was. Then I removed another and another but it was clear that to get rid of them all I’d be removing a noticeable chunk of hair. So I gave up.

I’m just getting older I suppose and the ravages of time are catching up to me like they do everyone (except Tom Cruise). In a few years it’ll probably get to the stage where I think to myself “do I leave it with grey patches or do I start dyeing it?”. I’m really not looking forward to that day!

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  1. You old silver fox, you! 😉

    Sadly it would appear that going grey is one of those things that’s in our genes (or not) and there’s not a lot we can do about it. I’m pretty certain it won’t affect me as both my father and his father had full heads of hair when they died, with not a grey hair between them.

    Anyway, just think how distinguished you’ll look in later life. Dust off that white suit and this could be on your About Page in 2030:


  2. Ha ha, that made me laugh!

    Don’t worry though John, if my dad’s anything to go by I’ll go grey but I’ll be able to keep a full head of hair intact. So not all is lost!


  3. Sounds like you’ll have to start growing the beard now if you want to look like that in 23 years…


  4. “…and the ravages of time are catching up to me like they do everyone…” *LOL* That’s exactly what I thought when I counted three grey hairs one morning! – Oh but.., I’M INVINCIBLE !

    Didn’t keep me from shaving my hair off though, wich suprisingly makes me look younger. I thought: There aren’t that many ‘safe’ risks in this world, but a bold haircut is one of them. But now, according to my friends, it makes me even suitable for a suit…. ah, I guess this isn’t one of the safe risks after all.

    Honestly we shoudn’t mind having those grey hairs. It does give some distinctive flair to the otherwise boyish look some men keep their whole live. Don’t make a little bit of Earl Grey let your head go astray (Tea? Blasphemy! 🙂 )


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