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My Australia Trip 6 – The Photos


Right, here’s a slideshow of the best of the photos I took in Australia and Hong Kong. Keep watching, there’s some quality shots in there!

Right, that’s enough about my Australia holiday – back to normal service!

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  1. wow, nifty picture viewing thingy ^_^

    oh and the bird is an ibis, they are quite common here, there is actually a house not to far from here that is covered with them, some old lady lives there, everyone thinks they are fake ones at first (like your flamingos) but nope, around feeding time the house gets covered in 30+

    and do you watch futurama? the “thats lobstertainment” title is the name of a futurama ep (I obviously watch too much futurama if there is such a thing :P)

    but very nice pics. also I never realised that its not common worldwide for various trees to shed layers of bark, I mean what about the paper bark trees (or are they australian only aswell)
    and somewhat unerving looking at that glass bottom cable car


  2. Yeah, they don’t seem to publicise it but I’ve seen it done in a couple of places. Beats the hell out of me writing my own Flash animation!


  3. Cool, I thought they looked like Ibis, a lucky guess! I’m sure they look normal to you but I was somewhat shocked to see them strutting around!

    Yeah, I do watch futurama (and have watched each episode many times) which as you spotted is where the title came from! 🙂

    I’ve never come across trees shedding bark before so I suspect it is a mainly Australian thing!


  4. John, I didn’t see that shot of you holding a fear snake or jumping on a large saltwater crocodile. Did you not get a good exposure ? P:)
    Seriously, there are some nice shots in your set, strangely I must have missed some of them when I looked in Flickr.


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