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My Australia Trip 5 – Hong Kong


Okay, I know that Hong Kong isn’t in Australia, but since we stopped there for a couple of nights on the way home I thought I’d include it in this selection of posts.

We arrived in the evening well after sunset and the first thing I noticed was the number of sky scrapers. They were everywhere and as far as the eye could see. It just made me wonder how many people live there since we were passing so many residential buildings rising so high. The view over the harbour at night is quite something:


Even the scene out of the hotel window in the morning was pretty impressive:


The harbour was amazingly busy all day with dozens of boats coming and going. I hadn’t appreciated how many people live and work in Hong Kong and what a trading hub it is. Battling through the streets was quite a feat as there were so many people streaming in all directions. Apparently the young folk like to celebrate Christmas (and therefore shop) even though their parents generation still stick to the Chinese New Year.

I also found it rather strange that we could only find high-end stores like Gucci, Prada, Versace and so forth. It seems that people there spend all their money on top-of-the-line bags, clothes and accessories and take themselves and their appearances very seriously. I’m sure I looked a disgrace walking round in my jeans and t-shirt!

We were going to do a tour but since my good lady had done all that before and we’d done so much in Australia, we didn’t bother. We’ll pass through there again and make up for it then. So before we knew it we were waiting in the lounge for our flight back to London as though it had all been a dream:

Airport Vanishing Point

Ah well, all good things must come to an end, even kick-ass holidays!

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