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My Australia Trip 4 – The Blue Mountains


After Port Stephens we spent the next 3 nights staying in Katoomba which is in the heart of the Blue Mountains national park. The blue mountains are called the blue mountains because the eucalyptus oil given off by the trees gives the air a bluish tinge you can see below:

First Glimpse Of The Blue Mountains (full)

The place is absolutely beautiful and a photographers dream. I took a lot of photos and am really glad I’d dragged my tripod along. To be sitting in a cafe in Katoomba and within 5 minutes be in the heart of the scene above was amazing. You’d look around and see yellow-crested cockatoos (which I’d only ever seen in zoos) flying around alongside parrots of various colours and sizes. Australians are so lucky to live in such a rich countryside – and I was only seeing a tiny spec of it.

Katoomba itself was a nice little town full off cafes and book shops, not at all spoilt by tourism. I noticed rather a lot of people with dreadlocks, pink furry boots and a curious obsession with wearing black, which seemed a little out of place but who am I to judge?!


One of the main things to see are the Three Sisters (pictured above) that are towers of rock that are apparently older than the grand canyon in the states. All I know is they make a pretty impressive leading line into the jungle below! Talking of which, you can take a near-vertical train ride or a more leisurely cable car down to the forest floor and walk through the trees from the safety of a walkway:


Of course, you’d do well to read the warnings first – I hate leeches!

Stay On The Walkway!

Australia is just an amazing place. Since the island was separated from the rest of the world’s landmasses millions of years ago all plant and animal life has evolved differently to the rest of the world. Unique animals like kangaroos and platypuses developed there along with most of the deadly snakes and spiders of the world. Even the trees are different, shedding bark instead of leaves:

A Bark Shedding Tree

The blue mountains, from what I could see, is absolutely beautiful. Rather than prattle on about it, here’s a photo just around sunset that illustrates my point rather nicely:

Blue Mountain Haze

Oh alright, here’s one more about half an hour after sunset:

Sunset Over The Blue Mountains

It was lucky we dragged ourselves down to the viewpoint that evening as the clouds came in and it was foggy for the last day and a half of our stay in Katoomba. Apparently it had been raining before we arrived and the weather just  decided to improve for the duration of our stay. As with the rest of the holiday everything just flowed perfectly!

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  1. that sign is hard to read, so ive typed it out

    Please read the following before proceeding down the Scenic Walkway

    The following things may happen to you while on the walkway…

    1 The Walkway may be slippery under the following conditions
    – The weather is cold and there is ice on the Walkway
    – The weather is wet making the Walkway slippery
    – It is berry season and there are squashed berries on the Walkway
    solution: Take care when walking and use handrails if it looks wet, icy or there is vegeation/berries on the ground. Walk on carpet where provided.

    2 A tree may fall over or a branch may fall from a tree.
    solution: If you hear a loud crack, run away ignoring point 1 above.

    3 Off the Walkway you may get bitten by leeches or stung/poisoned by plants.
    solution: Do not leave the Walkway, do not touch or eat the plants.

    4 You may enjoy yourself, learn something or just be impressed by this magificent area.
    solution: Go home and tell all your friends about it.

    Scenic World does not accpet responsibility
    for injuries acquired while on the Scenic Walkway.
    Persons use this area of their own risk.

    So i take it point 4 applies to you John 😛

    but once again, awesome pics as always, your actually making me wish to go out and see all these things of my own country myself, if only I wasnt so lazy 🙂


  2. Ha ha, point 4 indeed applies to me, although I would have done that with or without the signs’ permission!

    And thanks, you’re too kind! Frankly, if I lived in Australia I’d hardly be able to explore much of it either – it’s so huge!


  3. well its always the case
    to quote zoidberg from futurama
    “It’s funny, you live in the universe, but you never do these things ’til someone comes to visit”

    but you know, just a bit more local in context 😛


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