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My Australia Trip 3 – The Bush


On the advice of Ian, who runs Wanderers Retreat, we took the scenic route down to our next destination (which was Katoomba in the Blue Mountains). It was a great idea as it meant we’d get to see some more of the area without just blasting down a motorway in our fake 4×4.


The roads were quiet, almost empty and we passed through loads of small towns and even saw a couple of familiar ones:


And even the odd monster!


It’s amazing the things you see driving off the main roads. Normally I’d have been driving like a lunatic along the twisty roads but I was taking it easy, looking at the scenery in no particular hurry. Just the way it’s meant to be on holiday. And of course, I had my lovely wife alongside me doing a fantastic job of navigating – not even a single mistake! πŸ˜‰


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  1. lol, nice shot of the mrs there, and once again, more awesome photos

    I was confused for a bit, you were out rural, but there was green, then I remembered your down the south end of the country

    head north a bit and its all dead or red, you defiantly picked the better tourist location πŸ˜›


  2. Thanks! The best photos of the lot will appear on Friday from the Blue Mountains!

    I noticed as we flew northwards when we went to Hong Kong that the green disappeared very quickly. I’d heard about the drought in Australia but from the air you can really see the effects.


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