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Just About Over The Jet Lag


We spent the last 4 days in Sydney which is a 24 hour city to say the least! Our hotel was smack in the middle of the centre and we can vouch that the place never sleeps – which is more than can be said for us. I think over the last few days we've been asleep more than we've been awake. I reckon it's a combination of jet lag and recovering from work – it really takes it out of you.

Rather than go on about the highlights of Sydney I'll wait until I get home and can upload the pictures – the trouble with my fancy camera is that I need to process all the photos before I can upload them and your average internet cafe doesn't have both photoshop and Capture One Pro installed! One obvious highlight was meeting up with Rosie who's on her world tour just now – she's clearly had a hell of an adventure so far and more to come!

We picked up our hire car yesterday which happens to be one of these huge fake 4×4's that are so popular amongst parents with kids. I'm not sure why we ended up with one as it's about twice the size of anything we need but it does have cruise control and air-con so I'm not complaining! We've come up the coast near Nelson Bay and are staying for the next few nights in a koala-infested forest in a tree house! It's very tranquil although we've not spotted one of these cuddly beasts so far (it is raining so they're probably hiding somewhere). There's a beautiful, quiet beach too that's a mile long and, in true Australian style, is called 'One Mile Beach'.

I've noticed that everything over here is named with a complete lack of imagination. For instance, someone spotted a snake, noticed that it was brown in colour, and named it the 'Brown Snake'. Male kangaroos are renowned for their stink, so they're called 'Stinkers'. It goes on!

Anyway, we're off to continue our quest to find the best cappuccino in Australia – they keep getting better and better and it turns out that Starbucks are at the bottom of the scale here. Later!

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  1. Good to hear from you, John. Do you mean to tell use that you didn’t have a good kip on those fancy fully flat-folding beds on the plane? 😉


  2. Lol, try comming over to western australia, especially up north, if you walk along 80 mile beach you will reach 7 mile beach, then something mile beach etc

    when its on the edge of the desert with noone around its a bit to much effort to come up with a fancy name (however 80 mile beach is a popular fishing spot)

    lol, starbucks too, first time I saw one was when I went on a trip to melbourne this year, that and a 7/11

    but enjoy your trip and hope to hear more from you soon


  3. John: Actually, I got a lot of sleep on those fancy beds! While it did help, there’s just no getting over moving 11 time zones away from home!

    Murdats: Ha ha, we spotted the 7/11’s too, very American! Will keep you posted – especially if we spot one of these koalas!


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