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I’m Off Down Under For A Bit


Way back in January we thought it would be a nice idea to spend most of December in Australia. It would be cold, wet and miserable in Yorkshire and hot, sunny and relaxing in Australia. Well, it turns out to have been a wise move! It's rained non-stop for days, it's been cold, and apparently it's the exact opposite in Sydney!

Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention we're flying Virgin Upper Class too – which is an even bigger bonus. Not only do we wait for the flight in "The Clubhouse" which is like some futuristic, luxurious apartment, but we get to fly in seats that become fully flat-folding beds. It's a tough life! We're in the lounge just now waiting for our massages (really) and were just sitting next to a rather well known Scottish actor with a fondness for motor bikes. Sadly he was on his way out else I'd have started chatting to him (a lucky escape for him I think).

Anyway, we're off to play pool before our massages so I'll leave you to it. Expect the odd post as we get near an internet connection and I've brought my camera and tripod so I'll have no excuses to come back without a hard-drive full of fantastic photos. Enjoy the rain! 😉

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  1. now that I think about it this explains the lack of updates to JBS

    well I look forward to you being fully refreshed and full of new ideas and enthusiasm when you come back 😛


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