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Just to prove I don’t spend my spare time only working on John’s Background Switcher, I’ve just released a new version of the cleverly named John’s Image Converter. It’s a simple, one-dialog application that’s sole purpose in life is to resize pictures – which can be quite handy if you want to resize a large photo for use on the net and you’re too impatient for Photoshop, Windows Paint or whatever else to fire up.

John's Image Converter

New in version 1.1 is improved image quality (I’m reusing some of the code from JBS to this end) and the ability to rotate the picture as you convert (you can see from the thumbnail if it needs rotating or not). For me it’s a handy little tool as it saves me a lot of hassle and time. Next I’ll add folder conversion and maybe some sort of cropping…

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  1. Cool, I have found JIC to be very handy, mostly for making avatars and stuff for forums 🙂

    saves me going through photoshop or anythign, just pull it open, specify size and done

    much faster then photoshop loading, loading, loading, save specify compression ration, file type, image size, done


  2. Glad it’s useful for someone other than me! 🙂

    It doesn’t currently auto-rotate, but since JBS can do it, there’s nothing to stop me putting it in the next version!


  3. Hmmm, I’ve been thinking about letting you add a folder of pictures in the next version so it can batch convert. JIC does keep the exif data so that’s not lost (assuming you save it in JPG format of course).

    I’ll have a look at that powertoy though, I’ve not spotted it before!


  4. Hi John!

    I use the Windows Powerpack toy which is awesome for right click resizing and multiple files from a send-to type menu. It’s fast and it keeps EXIF data, something I found a lot of image resizers don’t do.

    Your program looks simple & like it does the job I’d want. I would like a list where I could drag and drop a selection of files to process. Often I email/IM a friend a selection of a shoot’s photos and want to resize the 8MP files. Does JIC include original EXIF data? 🙂

    Nice work.


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