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Robin Hood’s Bay For The Weekend


I spent the last Bank Holiday weekend of the year (this weekend) camping above Robin Hood’s Bay over on the east coast of Yorkshire. It’s a really lovely little village (see below) in stark contrast to garish, tacky, commercialised resorts like Scarborough (which is my idea of a holiday in hell).


We’d just bought a new 3-man tent as my good lady thought the previous one was a bit small, oh and that since it leaked when it rained it wasn’t really up to the job. Just as well we did since we were pounded by strong winds and rain both nights – and we managed to stay dry! Although with the noise we didn’t get a huge amount of sleep.

We’d invited some friends and their 4 children along which was certainly entertaining. A friend of mine once said that children suck all the energy out of you and into them and now I know exactly what he meant – we were completely knackered by the time we got home on Monday and were in need of some rest and relaxation! I feel so much sympathy for my parents when they took us away anywhere – I have no idea how they managed to cope with our constant demands for attention without beating us to within an inch of our lives! (The black ruler aside dad 😉 ).

Oh, and just to show that Scarborough isn’t all amusement arcades and Ferris wheels, here’s a view walking between the north and south side of the town:


Of course, we were greeted by amusement arcades and Ferris wheels at the far side but the pretty coastline was nice while it lasted – as was the weather!

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