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The Happy Couple


By popular request (I think mainly to laugh at pictures of me in a white suit) I thought it was about time I put up our “official” wedding photo, so here it is:

The Happy Couple

It was taken by my good friend Ade (who excelled himself as always in both his photography and his ability to drink a lot and handle it far better than me). He took around 400 shots which we’re going to look through, pick our favourites (which will probably be most of them as they’re fantastic) and print them out – when we get the chance!

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  1. Thanks Greg!

    I’d been looking for an excuse to get a white suit for years (probably watching all that Miami Vice as a kid) and when we decided to get married I was determined that’s what I was going to wear. Fortunately my good lady was happy for me to do it, although actually finding the suit was a nightmare – had to have one tailor made in the end. You wouldn’t think a standard suit in white was that hard to find but it certainly was… Now, all I need is a 70’s or 80’s fancy dress party to go to! 😉


  2. I reckon less than 1% of people could pull off wearing a white suit John- congratulations!


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