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Life Is Just An Extension Of Tetris


I was going to a friend’s house after work yesterday to do some light fittings. This required me to bring along a selection of power tools and my toolbox in addition to the kit I normally bring into work. I never leave home without my camera in its bag and I also have a rucksack with work-related things in it (including my snacks for the day).

Since I have a pretty small car, boot space isn’t something I have in abundance. My other problem is that I hate things rattling as I go around corners so I have to make sure the boot is packed neatly and with everything balanced in perfect harmony. Fortunately I’ve spent a long time playing Tetris and this enabled me to easily fit everything in place so snugly that nothing could move under heavy cornering or braking:


I swear I could hear the incessant music that you get from a Gameboy when you play Tetris as I was loading up. And to think, parents are always complaining about all the time kids spend playing video games! Never did me any harm. Well, except that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but that’s another story

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  1. I remember playing Tetris seemingly for hours in the sixth-form common room with two Gameboys linked to each other, which meant that when you cleared a line it appeared on the other guy’s screen. Great stuff! Did you ever play it so much that you could still see the pieces floating down if you closed your eyes? That’s usually the sign that it’s time to do something else…


  2. I’m looking at the screen now typing in this reply and I can see blocks tumbling down in front of my eyes – sort of like screen burn! (Okay, not really but I can still hear the tune playing in my head!).


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