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The Certainty Of Chance


My friend Ade and I were meeting his colleague Chris in a place called Saxton the other night to take some landscape photos. Ade had written down Chris’s mobile phone number earlier that day and as we were getting near he texted him to say we were running a little late. After a couple of minutes he got a reply of: “I think you’ve sent that to the wrong number mate”.

Ade replied saying that he was trying to get a hold of Chris and was meeting up with him. He then got the message: “this is Chris, but I think you’re looking for a different Chris”. Ade must have copied Chris’s number down incorrectly but managed to write down the number of another guy who just happened to also be called Chris! What are the chances?!

Luckily we got there and there were plenty nice photos to be had, like this one:


What you can’t see is the swarm of midges that were biting me! Grrrrr!

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  1. Another spooky thing is that The Certainty of Chance is the title of a Divine Comedy song, who I saw perform last night! Nice photo BTW.


  2. You’ve seen them again?! Do you have a season ticket or something?!

    It was my mate Ade who’s the Divine Comedy fan I was out with and he came up with the title! And thanks, this is my favourite photo from the night! 🙂


  3. It seems that way, doesn’t it?! This time it was in the open air at Somerset House in London. A beautiful evening with perfect weather. I’m a bit knackered today though as we had to get the last train home at a quarter to midnight!


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