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Not This Time England


Having just watched England go out of the World Cup and having realised about half way through the match that I wanted them to win – I spent the game on the edge of my seat and have ended up, like most England fans, frustrated and disappointed.

The thing that's impressed me the most from watching their games is how Eriksson has managed to take a team littered with match-winning world class players who perform to the highest levels each week for their clubs – and make them play like a second division team with no confidence and a defensive, losing mentality.

You've got to wonder how a guy can get paid several million pounds a year and so clearly get it wrong. Play people out of position. Make them play in a formation they're not comfortable in. Make all the wrong decisions about substitutions. It's just a shame his footballing know-how and motivational skills don't match up to his powers of salary negotiation!

You could blame the players saying they're better than that. But as a player you don't go out on the field and do your own thing, you play in the way the manager tells you to, you play in a position and have a specific job to do. If you think you can do better doing something else then tough, you do what the manager tells you to.

Of course I should have known they'd go out. My two tips for the tournament as I mentioned before – Spain and Argentina – went out after playing so well in the group stages. So as soon as I actually wanted England to win they were doomed to failure. Sorry about that England…

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  1. Well Brasil goes out too!!!
    I dunno whom to bet on now, but the hosts look good!


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