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13’s The Charm


We got up on Friday morning to be greeted by 13 ducklings and one happy mother duck playing in our garden. They were cute running and tumbling over all our plants, squeaking to each other and staying close to their mother:


We didn’t want to go to work because we knew they wouldn’t be there when we got back. The mother was limbering up, clearly preparing to march her new recruits off to water and out of our lives. I came home hoping they were still there but sadly there was no sign of them – just an empty nest and some egg shells. It was a real treat having them and with a bit of luck they might be back next year – fingers crossed.

Ah well, back to the quiet life – although I reckon we’ve got Goldfinches building a nest in one of our trees so they might not be the only visitors this year…

Update: Okay, so nobody noticed my *cough* deliberate *cough* mistake. There are in fact 14 ducklings in the above photo! Well done to my girlfriend for spotting it!

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  1. Shame they got away! At Regent’s canal in London by the university there are lots of young ducklings and a baby goose. So cute.


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