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The Miracle of New Life Under My Window

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I mentioned the other day that we had a mallard nesting in our garden and sure enough, around 28 days from her appearing, we now have a clutch of new ducklings exploring the world around them. Unsurprisingly I had my camera on hand to capture their frolicking:


We’ve counted 10 so far and they really are amazingly cute. Normally I only ever see ducklings in a canal or river but to have them in our garden right under one of our windows is really special. Their proud mother is constantly standing guard around them but she doesn’t seem to mind us (she knows we’ve looked after her)! They should head off for the big bad world in the next day or so and we’ll be sad to see them go, but it’s been lovely to see 10 little bundles of fluff come into the world and squeaking out of our lives!

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  1. They’re adorable, aren’t they? There are some just around the corner from me that I often see on the way to work.


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