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It Was Bound To Happen Eventually


I wrote John’s Background Switcher for me and while several thousand people use it, it’s still written for me which is why I like it and use it all the time on all the computers I have access to. I always have it set to choose from the most interesting 200 pictures from Flickr on the current day to use as my computer’s wallpaper and I secretly hoped that one time it would select one of my own pictures. And this afternoon it finally happened!

I posted that picture of a Goldfinch on Flickr and just as I was about to shut my desktop down I thought to myself “hang on a minute, that’s my photo!”. I checked the settings (just to make sure I wasn’t pointing it at my own photostream) and sure enough, I was just selecting from the top 200 most interesting pictures of the day! Superb! Shame it was just a picture of a bird and not one of my much more technically challenging landscape shots. Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers!

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