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Welcome Back John (no, the other John)


After a 10 month break my good friend John Topley has finally listened to my persistent nagging and returned to the world of blogging (I still hate the word blogging, can’t anyone think of a better one?).

This time he’s gone with WordPress as his blogging tool of choice which, if I were to do it all again, is what I’d probably have used. I’m waiting for the next version of Movable Type and if it’s not a big step forward (it’s been a long time since 3.2 was released) then maybe I’ll follow suit and make the switch…

There must be something about blogging, or the people who do it. John, Derren (who also uses WordPress – they may be on to something) and I are just three people out of a straw poll of three who’ve taken to blogging, lost enthusiasm / interest in it, given up, gone away for a while before being drawn inexorably back in! There is no escape! Mwa ha ha ha!

Hell, next thing you know Mark Pilgrim (who also uses WordPress) will start blogging again…

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  1. Ah, thanks John! 🙂 I shall look forward to my PageRank returning to its pre-sabbatical levels now that you’ve linked to me. You know that you were the one who inspired me to start a blog in the first place, so you’ve got a lot to answer for…

    I hate the term blogging too, it always sounds like a deviant sexual practice involving lumberjacks to me. How about the term weblogging?

    I do it because I’m a shameless self-publicist and because everyone’s entitled to my opinion, I can’t comment on the motivation of those other guys! 😉


  2. There you go John, fixed. Remember to close your html tags! 😉

    I inspired you to blog?! Wow – suddenly I feel old! I’m honoured!


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