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The Things You Do For Art


I finished work yesterday and went over to Ade’s. In typical Yorkshire fashion the weather’s been wild lately – rain, hail, rain and more rain, with occasional sunny spells. So it wasn’t much of a surprise that it was in fact raining – very heavily!

We decided to go to Ferrybridge power station in the hope that we could beat the storm cloud working its way across the sky. We arrived 20 minutes later and it wasn’t raining! Until we stepped out of the car and the downpour began…

So the three of us were sitting in a car with the windows steamed up next to a power station while it rained torrentially outside looking at the horizon hoping for clear skies. I’m glad no police or spirited members of the local community walked past! Fortunately our waiting paid off, the rain passed and we were treated to some excellent lighting conditions as the sun went down:

Cooling Towers

So the next time you see a nice photo of a mountain, or a nature program on TV, spare a thought for the poor people who had to sit for hours (sometimes days or weeks) waiting for the right conditions to capture the moment. Having said that, they’ll tell you it was worth it in the end, nothing worth doing is easy!

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