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Cold Nights On The Moors

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I’ve spent quite a few nights recently in the freezing cold with my friend Ade taking photos around various spots in Yorkshire. Oh how I’m looking forward to summer! However, despite the finger-numbing cold it’s been really good fun and I’ve managed to get some very interesting pictures of things I never would have even seen and learn a hell of a lot about photography.

Zag Zig

I’m starting to look at the world in a different way now. When I used to drive along a road or walk down a street, I’d mostly be looking at where I was going, making sure I didn’t hit people and watching the speedo. Now I find myself trying to make a photo out of everything I see. I’m looking for angles, leading lines, shapes, textures and colours. I notice buildings I’ve never really looked at before. I look at the sky for interesting clouds. I’m really seeing the world around me rather than just looking at the ground.

It’s opened my eyes and once they’re open they can never be closed again – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even the most mundane thing – like a wheelie bin or a ladder (below) – can look interesting if you frame it correctly.

Down The Hatch

And that’s the challenge, to take a picture of something I wouldn’t have even glanced at a few months ago and make it worthy of a place on my wall. The trouble now is that I only have a finite amount of wall space to fit them on!

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