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Home By The Sea


My good lady, a couple of friends and I went over to the east coast on Sunday to try and take some photos. I was picturing in my head shots of cliffs, the sea at the bottom lashing the shore, a path along the top and a moody sky rich in colour and texture. Unfortunately we got rain and low cloud instead.

However, it turned out to be pretty good for photography – aside from having to dry the filters after every few shots. It did stop raining long enough for me to try and take a photo of a swan – annoyingly it beat its wings and looked majestic (as swans do) whenever I turned my back so I didn’t get a decent shot! Never work with children or animals… I did, however, get this:

The Bolts Will Be All That Remains

It was worth the wet feet. No wait, it’s the fish and chips that made it worthwhile. Nice!

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  1. Whitby was the main place we went to and stopped at a couple of bays on the way – although not for long as it was raining!


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