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A Curry Problem


I take the business of eating curries very seriously. I’ve long resisted the urge to try my local Curry house for a couple of good reasons.

The first is that I’ve been going to the Aagrah in Skipton for years – so long in fact that when I phone up for a takeaway they recognise my accent and know who I am. They’ve been good to me and the quality of food and service has always been exemplary. I must have spent a fortune in there as I often eat in too – but it’s been worth every penny.

The second reason is that the Aagrah is 10 miles away. If it were nearer I’d eat there all the time, spend a lot of money, and get very fat. I love curries you see. So if my local curry house was on a par with the Aagrah, I’d have a serious problem.

Anyway, last weekend while I was out and about my girlfriend and her friend decided to try the local to see what it was like. It turns out much to my dismay that it was very good indeed. So with a heavy heart we got some takeaway this evening and I was close to tears munching my way through the meal as I realised that it was in fact excellent. If you felt a shiver run down your spine at around 21:30 GMT this evening you’ll realise why – the world has just changed.

I now have an easy option and it’s only a 2 minute walk away. I don’t have to remember to stay sober to drive and get the takeaway, I can stagger there any time I like… My name is John Conners and I’m a curry addict.

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  1. I can certainly relate. My weakness is Chinese food but thankfully the good stuff is prohibitively expensive to indulge in more than once or twice a month.


  2. Hi,

    I would first like to introduce myself!
    I am Sumit Sinha, an Indian & have been following your blog for quite a while now. And here’s something which you liked from my place!! (India) So thought of commenting.

    Curries , they don’t make you fat if cooked properly (else i’d have been fatter than earth as i relish them almost daily 🙂 )


  3. Sumit!
    You can’t say that and then not tell us how to prepare it! I LOVE curry and would like a recipe to follow.
    I like your blog.


  4. hey there John,

    my name is Nick Rahman, i run the skipton branch of the Aagrah. It was interesting reading your comments and following your blog… although i am slightly upset that we have lost such a valuable customer i completely understand that travelling from Ilkley everytime you fancy a good meal must be a nightmare (staying sober etc)! we have been wanting to open a branch in Ilkley for some time but we (the board, myself included) realised that the Skipton and Shipley branches are too close by… it is such a shame because Ilkley is a great place… but i do hope you visit us some time again!!

    ps. the guys at India are admittedly very nice people so i have no qualms!

    take care, and keep eating the good stuff!



  5. Hi Nick,

    Don’t worry, I’m still a regular at the Aagrah! Nice though my local is it’s still not of the extremely high quality of you guys. 🙂 Whenever I have friends or family stay with me I always make sure to take them to the Aagrah to show them the best eatery in the area (as far as I’m concerned).


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