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Exactly What It Said On The Tin


I went to my first beer festival on Saturday – the Bradford Beer Festival to be precise. Well, it’s not that precise, it was actually in Saltaire but that’s near enough to Bradford I guess! It was pretty much how I expected it to be: you get a glass, go into a large hall and then drink a lot of beer. Lovely!

Since moving to Yorkshire I’ve developed a taste for Real Ales which is lucky because there are a lot of quality ones around. When you’ve grown up being subjected to Tennents Special and Export then find yourself drinking beautifully smooth ale that massages your throat as you swallow it – you won’t want to go back!

Oh, and on Sunday I finally got around to taking a proper waterfall picture where you leave the shutter open and capture the water flow – not bad I thought!

Posforth Gill

It’s Posforth Gill near Bolton Abbey in case you were wondering. My friend Ade wasn’t so lucky, he keeps saying he needs a new tripod and I found out why. He paused to answer the call of nature and his tripod and camera fell over and into the river. And we’re not talking a cheap camera with cheap lenses either. Ouch. May his faithful 10D rest in peace…

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  1. Real ale, eh?

    So when are you going to grow a big white beard that you can accidently dip into your tankard of Old Farmer’s Arse whilst comparing cardigans with fellow CAMRA members? You should get yourself to Brussels and sample some fine continental lager like a normal young man!

    I like the photo a lot, but I keep expecting a beautiful naked woman to emerge from the bottom, like in a shampoo advert! Time to whip out Photoshop,,,


  2. I still can’t grow a proper beard (and if I can’t at 31 I never will) so I’m afraid that option is out! And I’m just not a lager drinker – it’s halfway to a lager shandy! 😉

    I’d correct your typos but then your second post wouldn’t make any sense!


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