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The Learning Process Begins


I spent last night out with my friend Ade standing around in the freezing cold taking photos of passing cars. One of the types of photos I’ve always wanted to take is the long exposure, “car lights passing by” shots and here’s one that turned out okay:


The main things I took away from the night are that I’ve got a lot to learn about photography! But the best way to learn is with practise so that’s what I intend doing (combined with a lot of reading).

The second thing I learned is that when you’re standing on a motorway bridge with a camera on a tripod, well over half the cars that drive past you will slow down and have a really good look at what you’re doing. I’m not sure what they’re expecting to see. Maybe they’re bored and want something else to look at, maybe they’re nosey, or maybe their brains are befuddled and they just don’t understand what they’re seeing – that’s what the vacant expressions most of them (that I bothered to look at) gave the impression of.

People are strange. But then they probably thought the same thing about us…

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  1. Ha! Now there’s a thought. I wonder what tags they’d use… Maybe “wierdos photographers bridge guywithgirlielonghairandabeaniehat”…


  2. Well, when I’m driving along and see somebody on a bridge or at the side of the road pointing something at me, I have a tendency to slow down in case it’s a speed camera!


  3. If I see someone on a bridge as I pass underneath, I slow down to see if they about to drop a rock on me…


  4. There must be something wrong with your lens.

    The image has been flipped and everyone appears to be driving on the wrong side of the road. 😉


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