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Belle and Sebastian At Long Last!

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My favourite band is Belle and Sebastian (if you’ve not heard them then go and buy all their albums and EPs now!). I’ve been listening to them for years but over the last couple of albums they seem to have become much more popular (i.e. most people I mention them to know who they are).

Anyway, I’ve wanted to see them live for as long as I’ve known about them but they never seemed to play anywhere near me. Fortunately they played in Manchester last night and I bought tickets the second they were on sale! Of course, instead of bringing one of my perfectly good digital cameras I forgot and only had my phone.


They were fantastic and well worth the wait. I particularly enjoyed their stage banter and the fact that Stuart forgot the words to one of the songs from their new album (which isn’t released yet although thanks to the interweb I’ve had a copy for a while – fear not though, I always buy their CDs when they come out). They didn’t seem to be following a script and it was kind of like having them come round your house and jam away in front of you. Class.

Oh, and as usual my celebrity-spotting brother went to the toilet and when he came back he walked past the band just as they were about to go on. I don’t know how he does it!

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