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New Camera High

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I’ve always loved photography and have wanted to create the sort of pictures you see in National Geographic magazine for a long time. My father’s been into photography for longer than I’ve been around and he’s taken some amazing pictures. And then my friend Ade started taking some stunning photos as you can see here. It was about time I got in on the act myself…

So after a lot of thinking about it I decided to shell out on a proper digital SLR:


I’ve spent the first few days just taking random pictures of things lying around the desk, like my Rubik’s Cube:


Anyway, I plan on spending a lot of my weekend finding more things to take pictures of – my good lady is already sick of me taking photos of her! You see, if she’d let me get a cat I could take pictures of it and leave her alone. Sadly she doesn’t quite see things that way… Ah well, one step at a time!

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Creator of John's Background Switcher. Scotsman, footballer, photographer, dog owner, risk taker, heart breaker, nice guy. Some of those are lies.

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