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Finally, I Made It To Malham Cove!


I’ve driven past Malham Cove many times since I moved down to Yorkshire and intended going up there for quite some time – but until yesterday had been too lazy to do so.

So a few friends, my good lady and I went for a wander up there on a rare sunny January day in Yorkshire. As usual I wore my shoes that are slightly too short and lacerate my heels. One of these days I’ll either wear my old army boots or just buy a new pair – it took months for my heels to heal in New Zealand when I ran down a mountain in them – idiot.

It turns out that as well as some nice cliffwork, there’s a large limestone causeway at the top of Malham Cove which provides some entertaining slippery footing when wet (which I imagine it almost always is).

I guess it was a good tester of how much my ankle has healed since I sprained it that I could bound around hopping from rock to rock without going over it, being air-lifted home and having some bearded mountain men talking on the local news about what an ill-prepared muppet I was and how other people should learn from my mistakes!

There was even a pretty waterfall there and strangely I wasn’t tempted to dive in and swim around – maybe if it was in a tropical rain-forest I might have but this is Yorkshire.

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  1. I’m not sure, we had a map but didn’t look at it! The walk was around 2 hours long and there was a pub at the end – but it wasn’t serving food. So we drove to another pub that was (luckily)!


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