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As Easy As Falling Off A Bike


I went snowboarding the other night at Xscape in Castleford. It’s got one of these indoor runs that’s made of real snow. It’s a couple of hundred metres long – which obviously doesn’t compare to a 2km piste – but is enough to remind you why snowboarding is so much fun. I hadn’t strapped myself onto my board in almost a year but it never ceases to amaze me how as soon as I do it all comes flooding back…

While I’m not going on a proper boarding holiday this year I may be forced to do a long weekend trip somewhere cold. Exactly one year ago I was in Tignes where I took the following photo:


Wish I was there and not in miserable Yorkshire! Roll on Spring…

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  1. Well can you log it in FogBugz please? Priority 7 is fine 😉

    Talking of the ellipsis, did you know that you can get one by typing Alt + 0133 on the number keypad?


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