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My Top Albums Of 2005


As you know I love music and am constantly listening to one album or another. So I thought I’d put together a list of my favourites from last year with a recommendation that if you don’t own them already to go out and buy them! Click on the pictures to go to their pages on Amazon.

warningsandpromises.jpg Warnings and Promises by Idlewild
Indie rock at its best and Scottish too! This is Idlewild’s fourth album and one I’ve played constantly since I bought it. Comparisons to REM are a bit unfair if you ask me, but if I was in a band this is the sort of music I’d want to make. And if you’re interested in where I’m going with growing my hair then look no further than Roddy, the lead singer…
silentalarmblocparty.jpg Silent Alarm by Bloc Party
I heard ‘So Here We Are’ first which is a pretty mellow almost acoustic song and decided to get their album. I listened to it and found it a bit more heavy than I was expecting so put it away. Luckily I came back to it and realised what an amazing album it is. Every song tells a different story and has its own sound, fantastic.
eyetothetelescope.jpg Eye To The Telescope by K T Tunstall
Much more mellow than my usual stuff but I guess this one balances it all out. I didn’t just buy it because I went to school with her (which I did) but because the songs are from the heart and easy to relate to (I certainly know why she writes about the sea so much, I miss living on the coast too). Quality.
acertaintrigger.jpg A Certain Trigger by Maximo Park
I saw them play in a small venue in Scarborough and I went from liking them to loving them. Their energy on stage was amazing and a lot of that intensity is to be found on the CD too. A breath of fresh air and it’ll put a smile on your face if you’re having a bad day!
wehavesound.jpg We Have Sound by Tom Vek
Another recommendation from my brother (who pretty much recommends all the music I listen to). I heard the album a couple of times then saw him play in Leeds and he was superb. Very talented and I’m still unable to think of anybody who sounds quite like him – unique and brilliant.
funeralbythearcadefire.jpg Funeral by The Arcade Fire
I dismissed them at first as my friend hated them so much that I felt compelled to see all their negatives. I thought the singer’s voice was a bit weak and it was heavy weather listening to the album all the way through. But I started listening to them again after hearing them on MTV and liking what I heard and I’m glad I did. I now truly believe that it’s an amazing album and they’re a very talented bunch of people. Well worth persevering with. (Sorry Richard).
The Back Room by Editors
Reminiscent of Interpol – one of my favourite bands – this is Editors debut album and a fantastic one it is too. Dark lyrics, strong guitar work and very catchy, right up there with Bloc Party – another essential album to own!

I’ll add some more if I think of any but these are the ones I’ve been playing the most.

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  1. I never really got into the Kaiser Chiefs – I think I got sick of hearing them on MTV constantly, and while I also like the new Franz album I’ve just not played it that much – certainly not as much as their debut. I’m a picky guy!


  2. You’ll kick yourself, but you’ve forgotten to mention the third Sugababes album that was released in 2005! Doh!

    Oh, and if I had my pedantic hat on I would point out that Funeral was released in 2004. Instead I shall concur that it’s great. Ah, the joys of listening to “Power Out” whilst walking through a crowded city – it’s what your iPod was made for…


  3. Ian, I’ve just checked and you’re right, I must just be slow on the uptake. And yeah, I forgot about Sigur Ros, but then I don’t have an official copy yet. 😉


  4. Arcade Fire! What is wrong with you? First it was the bad hair, then the obsession with Joe Cole, and know it’s Arcade Fire.

    There are only six alblums of last year, the year before and this year:

    Pablo Honey
    The Bends
    OK Computer
    Kid A
    Hail to the Thief


  5. Come on, Joe Cole is Chelsea’s best player! And how did I guess you’d vote for Radiohead? Having said that, if I do a ‘best albums of all time’ list a couple of them would be on it for sure…


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