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Multiple Monitors and Wallpapers


About a year ago I got a suggestion to make my Background Switcher application properly support multiple monitor configurations, just like UltraMon does. I had a look, thought it would be a bit tricky, prioritised it in my defect tracking software as ‘Priority 7 – When Hell Freezes Over’ and forgot about it.

I’ve recently started using a multiple monitor setup at work and am reminded how great it is to be able to have some windows on the left screen and some on the right. But it showed me that I really needed to get my finger out and get my background switcher to support it so I could do cool things like split a picture across both screens. As you can see below, I managed to do it:


Ah, the satisfaction! It turned out to be fairly straightforward and if I’d bothered to look into it properly I’d have done it ages ago! (Sorry Carl). So as of version 2.1 my background switcher will fully support multiple monitors. There are a long list of new features I’ve added and I have around half a dozen things I still want to do before I release it to the world but I should be done in a couple of weeks so stay tuned… It may be a bit geeky but it’s fun!

Update: John’s Background Switcher with multiple-monitor support is available for download!

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  1. have different backgrounds on two monitors after windows 10 restart, but after computer wakes up, both monitors have the same background. Any thoughts? Thanks, JIm


    • Sometimes Windows just tells JBS there is only one monitor. Generally if you double click the tray icon to switch again it’ll be fine. Otherwise drop me an email and I’ll take a look.


      • All settings seem correct. My computer goes to “sleep” after 1 hour of no activity (Windows “balanced power” choice in power management) and when I wake it up, both monitors have the same background.
        Works great after a restart, however. Any thoughts? Thank you, JIm


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