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This Happens To Me All The Time


My car was having something done under warranty this morning so I met a friend for breakfast while the work was being carried out. She picked me up from the garage and as we were driving into town I warned her that if anything came on the radio that I could sing along to, such as Travis or Robbie Williams, then I wouldn’t hesitate to sing along really loudly. Luckily for her nothing did.

Breakfast was delightful thanks!

So when it came time to drop me back at the garage we got into her car and the song just finishing was by Coldplay. I said “you’re lucky we didn’t get here sooner or I’d have sung along to that. Knowing my luck they’ll play Travis next and that’ll call my bluff”. And I swear to God that no sooner had I finished saying that than the song Driftwood by none other than Travis came on! What are the chances of that? It’s a few years old so I was surprised they’d play it, never mind at that point in time.

For the record I was so surprised that it took until half way through for me to sing along (fortunately for my friend, not at top volume)!

The thing is, this kind of thing happens to me all the time – although there are usually no witnesses. A scene or a line from a Simpsons episode will pop into my head, I’ll get home, put the TV on and that episode will be showing. I’ll think of a song, flip through the music channels on satellite and the song will be on one of them. I’ll think that I really should call a friend I’ve not spoken to in a while and the phone will ring and it’s them. I got into my car the other morning to go to work and thought “it’d be a right nightmare if my car wouldn’t start”, I turned the key and it wouldn’t start! (Turned out the low fuel sensor wasn’t working and it had run out of petrol).

Surely I’m not the only one this happens to?

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  1. Oh, wait a minute, I’m starting to see riches in your future… But hang on, there’s something else… I can see me, and I’m taking 60% of it! That’ll teach you to question my very reasonable rate! 😉


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