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New Job High


I find that whenever I start a new job it can be quite a whirlwind experience and this time has been no exception. I’ve met lots of people (the vast majority of whose names I’ve immediately forgotten – I’m sorry). I’ve been shown around various departments and given an overview of what they do. I’ve listened in on customer calls. I’ve seen a lot of software being used. I’ve learned rather a lot about the products the company sells. In short I’ve been given a lot of information in a short period of time.

My approach has been to not try to take too much in. I’m looking at it as an opportunity to get an appreciation of how the company works and meet people. It’s hard to start somewhere and literally know nothing. Not knowing who to talk to if there are no teabags for example. Not knowing who knows what. Who wrote what. Who decides what happens next.

But I’m not worried about that, in time it’ll all become clear to me. I don’t need to learn about everything and everybody in the first week (at least, I’ve not been told there’ll be a test). What I will say is that early indications are very good. I’ve been around long enough to know the sort of atmosphere, the people, the culture I’ll be happy in and fit well into and so far this looks like the right kind of place. Now, whether they’ll feel the same way about me is entirely another matter! 🙂

In other news… This is my 200th post! I’ve long been at the stage where I can read something I wrote 2 years ago and think “I don’t remember writing any of that”. Ah well, here’s to the next 200! (Did I hear a collective groan there? I think I did…)

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  1. The strange thing about my blog is that even though I haven’t updated it since the end of June, my ranking on Google and site traffic have remained constant! So it seems you don’t actually need to post anything…


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