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Does This Tree Look Dead To You?



This is a tree in my garden. At first I thought some kids had set fire to it but the brown has gradually spread all through the tree. Considering it lives in Yorkshire I doubt it’s a lack of water (courtesy of the high annual rain fall) but it does look like it’s on its way out. Any gardeners out there? I’m tempted to just cut the thing down. Or maybe set fire to it just to see what happens!

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  1. Its dead- mine did the same (although I did dig them out of the garden and plant them in pots)…

    Kill it…. KILL IT!!!!


  2. Certainly doesn’t look like an evergreen any more! I had patches like that on a conifer once where I’d pruned it back too aggressively, apparently they don’t regrow from the brown bits.

    Good luck in the new job!


  3. OMG, the vision of Power in an immaculately ironed shirt pruning a conifer on a Sunday afternoon, Pimms chilled ready for consumption after the mammoth effort, has me chortling my nads off. And I’m not prone to laughing at this time of the day.


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