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So today is my last day at my current job and I start the new one on Monday. Despite what my CV may say, it doesn’t feel like I leave companies that often and so it felt very strange coming in this morning for the last time. I’ve been here for a year and a half and have made some really good friends. When you spend 5 days a week, 8 hours a day with a group of people giving that up can be quite a shock to the system. I’ll definitely miss working with them but intend staying in touch with a good few.

So anyway, in a short presentation I was given a card signed by a lot of my colleagues which I found very touching. Whenever leaving cards come around to sign I do it without a great deal of thought but to actually receive them is quite a different matter. I also received a gift voucher for sporting goods (a dig at my battle with injuries and talk of my glory athletic days). The next three things probably say more about how I’m viewed than anything else…

I got a huge gobstopper (given to me to shut me up because I like to talk, which I do), a picture frame so I can put a photo of myself in it and a mirror so I can check my hair on regular intervals! Nobody believes me when I say I’m not vain (honestly, I shy away from mirrors, really!), but the humour with which the gifts were offered was nice.

So it’s onto a new place, new people, new challenges and starting again from scratch. I’m looking forward to it. But I’m going to miss the people here. Not the place, the people. I’ve always said the most important in life is to communicate with others and by doing that you make friends along the way. And after sharing time and experiences with them it’s hard to let go. But nobody said life was going to be easy! The show must go on…

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