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Now Here Is Nowhere



You may have noticed my complete lack of updates spanning the last six months or so. I guess I lost enthusiasm for documenting some of the more interesting aspects of my life and try as I might it’s just not coming back. A few things have happened that I’ve not wanted to write about (although it’s all turned out well in the end) but at the same time I’ve done quite a lot of fun things including seeing some bands I like, buying a new full suspension mountain bike, spending New Year in Edinburgh and a week snowboarding in France. I thought that if I left the site alone for a while I’d suddenly wake up and want to write again – especially about the snowboarding.

But the sad truth is that it hasn’t happened and I haven’t. Maybe I’m at a place in my life where I don’t want to tell the world (well, you the reader) what I’ve been up to. Maybe I’ve burned out of blogging. Who knows. All I know is that for now I’m going on garden leave. Maybe I’ll return with renewed enthusiasm in a while. Maybe I won’t. I have no idea.

But it doesn’t mean I’ll be disappearing off the face of the earth. I live in a real world outside of this virtual one. So if you’re ever in Yorkshire and want to take me out for a few drinks or go mountain biking then let me know. And if you want to know what I’ve been up to, rather than checking this site just ask me!

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Creator of John's Background Switcher. Scotsman, footballer, photographer, dog owner, risk taker, heart breaker, nice guy. Some of those are lies.

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  1. I always find my head’s full of exciting ideas to write about after a large amount of amphetamine, cocaine or acid.

    Try that, may do the trick.


  2. Your website has been an inspiration to me over the last few years. I feel like I have lost a true friend.

    Would it be possible for you to produce some signed photos, that fans could buy online?

    Yours Forever…


  3. It’s has come as a great shock to hear of your passing from the virtual world – although I suspected as much from the lack of posting.

    Your site has been an inspiration to me over the last couple of years and has been a beacon of hope in some dark time.

    When my pet rabbit was involved in a freak accident with a steam roller (which involved the amputation of both of it’s ears) your site was the only thing that kept me going. I would read the articles to him the dark – I’m sure I could see his smile.

    Perhaps more powerfully, my niece has been blind since the age of four. After I read her your article “New Shoes High”, she dramtically regained her sight. It is a testiment to the caring nature of your blog that she has since forged a successful career as a tightrope walker – and regularly appears on stage with David Blaine.

    Words really cannot describe the sense of loss I feel reading that you will be leaving us – take care.


  4. Now Here Is Nowhere – Is that an Oasis album?

    This is truly a sad day, the end of an era. Reading your site pretty much inspired me to start my own blog and I stole your code and constantly pestered you for help until it was done. I’m left with more questions than answers:

    • Where am I going to get a little light relief from all those heavyweight Windows developers’ blogs?

    • How am I going to waste time during the day at work?

    • Will we ever see another hamster comic strip?

    • How am I going to increase my PageRank if you don’t increase yours first by prolifically writing popular content?

    • What’s with the Damon Hill picture?!

    Good luck, John – we’ll miss you. Stay in touch.


  5. Cheers John. I might start again at some point, you never know. If my creative writing gene kicks in again you’ll be the first to know!

    And as for the hamster comic, I think there’s mileage in that yet…

    ‘Now here is nowhere’ is an album by the secret machines. Oh, and I’m not sure if looking like damon hill is good or bad. 😉


  6. It’s times like these the words “So long and thanks for all the fish” cross my mind.

    Thanks for the logs, the entries and sharing your thoughts.


  7. I did much the same with blogging – though do put the odd thing up these days. Just put a pub guide up today actually, and something about Bez winning Big Bro and something inbetween too I think.

    I just get fed up of typing 1/2 the time – and spend far too long on Photoshop making shit photos into nice images.

    Oh – I’ve seen the hair for real, well when he took his terrorist hat off, and it’s very different to 6 months ago.

    As is John in fact

    No doubt be out in Leeds next week, not sure which night, but there’s a decent new place opened you may like.




  8. Please keep it up John, you’re good! A year or so ago I wrote an app to check my fave websites for changes and yours was one of the three I check (If you look at your webstats, you’ll see the same IP looks at your site at 12:30 every day!)
    I know some clever dick will say I should be using rss, but erm.. sometimes you gotta go down a blind alley to become a wiser man.


  9. John
    You look seeexy dude! I don’t know if you are interested, but fancy meeting up now you will have some free time? I’m 5’6″, 14st, short black hair, medium build GOSH, NS, and I notice by your camp images that you will be up for some fun. Like the sulty image on your home page. It’s currently my Windows wallpaper 😉

    I’ll be in touch big man!

    Malc xxx


  10. Oh John, how can you leave us bloggers out here on our own? You were one of my first readers, AND one of the first blogs I read. I think your first email to me was you calling me mad. Oh, how right you were then, and still are now. The blogosphere is a lesser place, now. Love the grown out hair, by the way.


  11. I happened upon your sight using Google. This is the first weblog I’ve ever bothered to look at. Yours may very well inspire me to look at more and perhaps start my own! Great photos…very interesting and thoughtful. I live in–and am writing from–Rochester, New York. I’ll be back to look for updates. Thanks from America!


  12. When did you lose your color? Last time I saw you, you were in glorious mega-technicolor. Oh, and a Hawaian shirt.

    I was in Portugal this week looking at what the MN crowd had done with color calibration. When I sort out a car, I’ll come over and amuse you with some classic tales of being out of one’s depth.

    And get back to the blogging…the Daily Mirror appear to have stopped covering you.


  13. It’s a monochromatic life for me!

    Make sure you drop by, I only live a stone’s throw from our former place of employment!


  14. Keep it clean and keep up the writing. Your site is a really good example of home grown wisdom and spirituality. I also like how your blog is organized. One day I will do a make over on my site and it will incorporate many features you have. That’s given I can get my head around how to do all of that…or find a kind person to do it for me.


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