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Nice Days Do Happen



Just to prove that you do get the occasional nice day in Yorkshire, here’s the view from the hills above Rylstone. Not a cloud in the sky in any direction which means only one thing: it’s a John Conners nice day. Probably the first one I’ve seen in this country in over a year!

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  1. “The temperature was around 27C, there was a light, refreshing wind and there were blue skies all day long without a single cloud in the sky.”

    I don’t recall sunbathing weather at any point this weekend.

    Gorgeous photo, though. We must do lunch to discuss it.


  2. Very nice. Whereabouts on the hill is that? I don’t recognise it.

    Are we supposed to be biking tonight? I’ve had a cold for the last two days (and was off work yesterday), so I don’t think I’m up to it.


  3. When you go up on to barden moor (from the rylstone side), at the gate about 2/3 of the way up (just before that final rocky but I can never ride up) you go right instead of straight on and the ruin is just along there.

    Nae bother!


  4. That does look like a nice day. I read your definition of a “John Conners nice day” (not a cloud in the sky) and that brought something else to my mind. I live in Canada and during the winter the coldest days are the days where there is not a cloud in the sky. Essentially the Artic air mass is so dry, there is no moisture.


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