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A Quiet Month


It’s been seven weeks since my last post. I guess I just needed a rest from it all. It’s like friends who move away – you don’t call for a couple of weeks and remind yourself to call them tomorrow. But you forget and then it’s a month, and then time goes on and you haven’t called them for years. Well I’m not going to let that happen to this site while I’m still paying for the hosting.

John the parentAugust wasn’t actually a quiet month for me, I’ve done plenty. I started with a fantastic few days staying in Lyon, France with friends. Lovely weather, lovely food and drink, lovely company and did I mention lovely weather? (far better than our so-called British summer time). I must confess to actually enjoying being around my friend’s children (but don’t tell anyone I said so, they’d think I was getting all paternal).

I turned 30, which was interesting. I must say I don’t feel my life is over or I’m suddenly very old. Although it’s a bit scary to look at 20 year olds who were born in 1984 and actually be able to remember the year clearly. Maybe I am getting older. Still, if I’m still doing this when I’m 40 then I’ll be allowed to complain (it’s all downhill from then on).

Hello. I'm a dragonfly.

I spent a week in Scotland where the highlight was seeing relatives and tidying up my father’s garden. Actually, on that point, to show how old I’m getting I was proud of the garden as one summer about 10 years ago I dug it up under duress to create some plant beds (it was all grass then) and planted trees, flowers and lots more. Cut to now and it’s an established garden and it looks fantastic. The low-light was seeing my father having minor knee surgery that was anything but (that damn hospital up there killed my mother and was doing its best to kill my father too – lousy NHS). But he’s on the mend which is the main thing.

Get out of the wayI even managed to fit in a day at the Leeds festival, the highlights of which were seeing Franz Ferdinand and The Libertines. Sticking to the age theme, it was nice to see all these sullen teenagers wandering around looking at their feet and wearing their trousers half-way down their arses. What’s that all about?

I’ve also really been enjoying myself at work. This time off posting has made me decide to write more about what I do at work as I swear that if I won the lottery I’d still write software. I’m just lucky that I get to spend my days doing something I really love. But more about that in the next article. In the meantime, it’s nice to be back.

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  1. Nice to have you back, John. I’m slightly older than you and I can hardly remember 1984 at all! :-O

    I’d keep quiet about the joy of gardening if I were you. Best to talk about Franz Ferdinand instead.


  2. You’re quite right. Wouldn’t want to paint a picture of me sitting on a rocking chair in front of a fire with my slippers on and a travel rug across my knees. Better to be in the mosh pit, leaping around to some good music!


  3. I wondered where your stange, yet intreaguing (can’t spell – sorry) articles had gone.

    Gardening…. bad
    Franz…. good
    Turning 30…. a distant memory, though it was in Amsterdam remember 🙂

    really need to get a pint soon – prob in leeds later


  4. Great to have you back. With my 30th not too far away I’m happy you’re still alive 🙂


  5. Hi john,…didn’t know you were gone but I found you somewhere else….1/2 Scottish myself living in Florida..older than you too…but 1984 wasn’t much to remember anywa so don’t stress it


  6. Now I can stop my monthly checks to see if you started posting again 🙂 Nice that you’re back; congrats on 30. Personally, I’m terrified to be 30, but perhaps it’s not that bad…4 more years…


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