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Guinea’s Photo Casebook


Guinea's Photo Casebook

All my stories have happy endings!

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  1. Apparently, guinea pigs are a staple part of the Peruvian diet – it’s been recommended that I try one on my upcoming visit in June………

    “Tasty, tasty, very very tasty – they’re very tasty”……apparently……


  2. I have not laughed so hard in years.

    Even better than Noel Vader and Kitty Martinson.


  3. Thanks Neil! I was in fits of laughter when I was putting it together looking at the stupid expressions I had in the pictures, especially the singing one.


  4. Given that I’m a very fussy eater, I predict the Peruvian Guinea pigs will have a lucky escape – so a happy ending to the photo casebook after all…….!


  5. Let me just quote the SAS Survival Handbook:

    “Guinea pigs and cavies are widely domesticated in the Andes, where they live. They can be tempted to traps baited with fruit and leafy vegetables and make excellent eating.”

    He makes no mention of how they taste!


  6. I think the main question is whether Izaak will believe that brownie came back from the vets after 2 years, has grown her hair and changed colour slightly…


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