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A Few Days Off


What with all this job hunting, football playing, redecorating, net surfing and TV watching I’ve been doing lately I felt I needed a few days rest. I did this by driving back to my father’s house and staying there. It’s a big, quiet, relaxing house and the one place that I can feel truly at peace. I spent a great many years there growing up and all the happy memories from that time are there. It’s a quiet neighbourhood in a nice little village and it’s only when I go back that I realise why my parents settled there in the first place. It’s a really nice part of the world.

down the hill

The relaxation starts as soon as I hit the motorway heading north. If I head south the roads just get busier and busier until it’s a standstill (I’ll write an article about why all lorry drivers should be killed another time) but northwards has the opposite effect until I’m driving all on my own. I set my cruise control to 90 mph and never needed to touch it all the way home – there just wasn’t any traffic (it’s okay, I did slow down for roundabouts).


I visited some friends and their son (who is 1 already, I can’t believe how time flies), I went running around my old playground (Tenstmuir forest), watched some films, listened to some music and just recharged my batteries. I also had a bit of fun getting the cat to chase around a laser pointer (all I’ll say is I’m glad I’m not a mouse, the cat’s reflexes are incredible). Anyway, back to job hunting and interview preparations…

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  1. Little balls are also nice to play with:

    Nevertheless the relaxation is much better when sitting on the couch and “laser-controlling” the cat from there 🙂
    Plus: You can go on and on and on… They never get tired chasing that little red dot.


  2. Nice. The thing I like about the laser with the cat is you’re effectively remote controlling the cat and can guide it into inanimate objects such as tables and chairs… Such fun.


  3. *g*
    The best is: My friend (to whom the white cats Mika and Kimi belong), has a long couch, left of which there is a 1 meter gap and then the wall.
    Let the cat race across the couch, jump the gap, hit the wall and realize she’s lost the race again… 🙂

    Note: No cats harmed during these scientific experiments.


  4. Ah, nice forest picture. I can practically smell the trees and fresh air. What a beautiful place. Wish I had a playground like that growing up. Ever see Big Foot? 😉


  5. I’ve seen foxes, deer, huskies, highland cows, owls and seals there, but no big foot. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s not there – it’s a big forest.


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