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Two Years And Still Running


I just noticed that exactly two years ago to this day I published my first entry on this site. It was a short description of the fact that I’m Scottish and I live in Yorkshire. When I wrote the article I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with this site. I’d read Joel On Software and liked the format of his site and thought it would be an idea to create something similar so that people I knew who lived elsewhere could see what I was up to without having to send them e-mails from time to time. I guess it was laziness, experimenting with the web medium (I used to be a web designer and had left that firmly in the past) and perhaps a little bit of exhibitionism. Plus I’d never managed to write a diary longer than a few days so it was a challenge.

Well, much to my own surprise I haven’t become bored with the whole idea and given it up. I don’t know what you – the reader – think of the site but from a personal point of view it’s been interesting to write about things on my mind and document some of the good and bad things that I’ve experienced in the last two years. If you were to ask me why I still write this site I’d struggle to give you a really convincing reason, it’s just become a part of my life and I accept that and don’t feel the need to really understand why.

Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate myself on sticking with it through thick and thin. I may just carry things on like this for the next two years. I might write more technical articles. I might even start posting darker, more negative articles rather than just deleting them. Or I might get sick of it all and wind it up like I thought I’d do in the first place. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Happy birthday to John’s Adventures!

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Creator of John's Background Switcher. Scotsman, footballer, photographer, dog owner, risk taker, heart breaker, nice guy. Some of those are lies.

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  1. Happy Birthday John’s Adventures I’m so happy you are part of my life.

    There are 2 things better than John’s Adventures.

    1. Horlicks
    2. 10 pints of Lager.


  2. Well done indeed.

    When I changed jobs I kind of stopped BLOGGING because the monitor internet usage.

    If they see me posting large chunks of poison and vitriol (which is what my life consists of) from their boxes, I’d be hauled over the coals.

    I can never be arsed to type stuff at home, so started taking photos of randmon crap and putting that up instead.

    I’ve been thinking of putting a section called “Things I like” on there, cause no ones ever done that before….

    See you tonight – 5PM in North Bar, Leeds, give me a call cause I know you’ve no idea where it is.

    And don’t drive, you WILL get drunk.


  3. I think you should follow Lennox Lewis’ example and quit while you’re at the top – always leave them wanting more!


  4. Who has been rattling Neil’s cage? I think he must bejust pissed because he has to go through immigration each morning to get into Lancashire.

    Dr Power – get in touch.

    Happy Bidet to John’s Adeventures where it’s always a pleasure and never a chore.


  5. Ach, Neil’s been struggling to get past the first line in my articles for years (2 to be precise). I keep offering to take him off the mailing list and block his IP address but he won’t have it… 🙂


  6. Stick with it John – one of these days you might write something worth reading 🙂


  7. I’ve read your blog from time to time during the last 1½ year or so. Sometimes very frequently, sometimes just once every three months. I don’t know you personally but somehow, I feel like I know you anyway. It’s a little like watching a sitcom, I guess.
    Anyway, I think that your writing every now and then is both interesting and insightful. I hope you will keep it up!


  8. Thanks Kristian, I’d be interested to know if the real me is truly reflected on the site or not…

    And I know the quality varies from post to post but to be honest I just write about what I’m up to and can never tell if anyone else will be interested or not. The articles I think are the best tend to get less comments so what do I know!


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