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Week One


Well, I’ve just completed my first week of being unemployed. I had a nice picture of what it was going to be like, pretty much along the lines of the lead character of About A Boy (which is a good film starring Hugh Grant). I was going to divide the day up into units of time and fill them up with things like eating lunch, playing snooker, watching home improvement programmes, surfing the net and mainly taking it easy. Wasn’t to be.

No, instead I got my punishment for spending December in New Zealand and flying business class. I got a stinking cold. I get perhaps one cold every two years or so and I don’t take kindly to them. I’m not one of these guys who curls up into a ball and cries for my mother, I tend to try and fight the damn thing and make it effect my life as little as possible.

So my week consisted of headaches, blowing my nose, coughing for several hours a day, mixing cocktails of drugs from throat lozenges to painkillers to cough medicine with varying degrees of success. Not the ideal start to my new [temporary] life of leisure. My plan of starting to paint the house fell by the way-side along with some serious job hunting. Never mind, new week – new attitude! In a couple more days I should be rid of this annoying cough and the associated phlegm and should be able to get on with making the most of this enforced rest. On the plus side though, coughing fits are excellent exercise for the abdominal muscles – they beat crunches any day!

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  1. sounds nice, hope you’re better now…

    how is the quest for a new job looking ? (and i realise that you have probably only just started looking)



  2. Feeling much better thanks, although I tried some cough medicine that just about killed me. Apparently it’s “child-friendly” but I’m an adult and I nearly threw up.

    As for the job hunting, it’s going pretty well. Surprisingly there are quite a lot of jobs out there, it’s just a question of getting the right one!


  3. What, you mean competition to recruit me is high? Just like Ryan Giggs if he put a transfer request in… I like the sound of that.



  4. I know exactly how you feel buddy on both the redundancy issue and the ‘missing NZ’ feelings.


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