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Ah yes, this is the life. The executive life. So we arrive at Manchester airport and there’s a huge queue to check in for Singapore Airlines. We start ambling towards the queue and this guy says “Singapore Air?” to which I reply yes. He points to the back of the queue and as cool as you like I say “we’re business class” and just like a 1980’s Martini advert suddenly we’re important and are immediately taken to the front of the line to the check in. Fantastic. We toddle off to the executive lounge to wait for the flight and for some breakfast.

We then get onto the plane before the rabble (turning left as we do) and I felt like I’d come home. When my girlfriend and I flew back from Antigua in the summer it was on a chartered flight with zero inches of legroom and we were praying the plane would crash and save us from our misery (we decided then and there to never fly economy long haul again – it helped us through the pain barrier). I’d already read about the flat-folding beds in Raffles class (as it’s called) so I knew what to expect but I was well impressed by just how much space we got. Not just the space in front but the seats are much wider than normal, and oh-so-comfy. With constant drinks, 4 course meal (and 3 course breakfast), being called by my name, and of course comfortable seats we arrived in Singapore 12.5 hours later feeling surprisingly fresh. It’s amazing just how much less it takes out of you flying properly.

Anyway, we fly to Christchurch tonight after 3 days here in Singapore and that should finish off the executive lifestyle. It’ll be back to basics, sleeping bags, tents, bed and breakfasts. Can’t wait. In the meantime have a look at some photos I’ve taken around Singapore that capture the essence of the place for me.

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  1. Hope you managed to get to Ice Cold Beer. The native pool rules are weird but if you’re any good at all, you should be able to win some dosh.


  2. It sounds awesome.

    When we flew back from Budapest with Malev earlier in the year, by some quirk of fate we had so much leg room that I could reach out with my arms and still not touch the back of the seat in front. That wasn’t business class but obviously it wasn’t long haul either.


  3. Just kidding of course. Hope you’re both having a great time – I’m sure you are!

    Last night was the coldest night of the winter so far, by the way … you’re not missing much!


  4. Looks like a lot of fun, and what was that armadillo building for? Weird looking place. Is the traffic there always that light, or was it just your luck? Great pictures, look forward to seeing more. Best,



  5. that armadillo building is the new theatre – there’s two of them, the larger one is behind. My guess was that the prickles are something to do with relecting or disipating heat – something they have a lot of in Singapore.


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