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A Cold Afternoon In The Dales


I spent Sunday touring around the Yorkshire Dales with my father in tow and happened to bring my camera along to capture some moody winter scenes. I know the British are supposed to be weather fixated so here are some pictures of some British weather.

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  1. I beg to differ

    you can “beat a photogenic duck” any time, though I prefer pulling their necks as it’s less messy.

    Those feathers can be a pain to get of dark clothing and carpets.


  2. Thanks for the advice ade, however there were lots of people around so I let it waddle off with its friends.

    The village in the last photo is Kettlewell (unless I’ve really become confused). I think that’s where they filmed ‘Calendar Girls’. It’s a few miles north of Grassington.


  3. Duck shmuck, that’s what I say. Kettlewell is best experienced in the dark, on a mountain bike, after the fantastic descent down the long track above the village.


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