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That Starbucks Feeling


It’s a sad state of affairs when the highlight of your day is making a hot beverage. It’s an even sadder state of affairs when the highlight of your day is reading about the highlight of somebody else’s day which is making a hot beverage. So if you’re in this unfortunate situation then this is for you. And if you think this site’s content is going downhill then bear in mind that I’m just killing time until I go to New Zealand in December – I promise it’ll get interesting thereafter!

Tools of the trade

A heaped teaspoon

Add cold water and stir

The finished product

Tasting the merchandise

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  1. Sorry John but I just couldn’t bring myself do browse past the 2nd picture. I knew I’d hate myself if I went all the way to the end….


  2. There’s a rare picture of me at the end. But who cares! It’s kind of an acid test as to how bored you are. You passed (or failed depending on your point of view).

    Thanks for trying! Better luck next time.


  3. Christ John, couldn’t you write about C++ or something?! Even if it’s just “C++ is hard but I’ve been doing it a long time and I’m good at it”.


  4. John – just heard about your job sorry mate. Then again a man of your talents will be in work again in five minutes, on double the salary no doubt.

    The exclusive redundancy club is growing – pretty soon you’ll be an outcast if ya never been layed off 😉


  5. John: you’re right. I’ve been doing it long enough, maybe I should do a “things I’ve learned about c++” article.

    Delta Boy: it’s not over yet, I may not be made redundant afterall. The management buyout is going well…

    Andy: I was waiting for a big compile!


  6. After all these years of your “Adventure” notification mails, it finally happened – my wonderfully wise Yahoo spam filter took your notification, and put it in the Spam folder!!

    My life is fulfilled!

    Oh, I like coffee.

    Judging from the wierd “Latte” thing you made, you don’t. What happened to making a fresh espresso, then blowing hot steam through milk to give the “perfect” latte?

    I’ll give you a demo some time.

    Oh, looking extremely scottish in the last photo – Hazel McWitch maybe?

    You fancy the Otley Run tomorrow – a few jars in Headingly, then venturing to town? Good healthy fun.


  7. It’s got a long history to base it on

    ho ho ho ho ho ho ho o uggg

    god I’m funny.

    Just had a buffet curry at Shabab – very tasty and only a fiver.


  8. Don’t worry John, I know how you feel. I head to England in December for the Christmas holidays, and I will be bored no matter what I do until I board that plane. I take that back. I will be bored no matter what I do until I disembark that plane.


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