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Everything Must Go


As Andy has pointed out, bad things are afoot (follow the link to see a rare photo of me). After spending the last four and a half years on and off working for a great company with top class people in a beautiful area, it’s all coming to an end. We just found out that our American parent company has decided to close us down. I’ve managed to avoid the sword of Damocles before but not this time – we’re all in for the chop.


On a positive note I’ve had the pleasure of growing up as a professional software engineer with a team of superstars. We all had different skills and personalities and we got to the stage where we automatically worked together fluidly with all of us pulling in the same direction. I moved down to Yorkshire wet behind the ears and here I am now capable of taking on any software project knowing that I’ll succeed because of what I’ve learned and experienced here.

The sad thing is that we’ll all be going our separate ways. These people are my friends, almost like a family. We’ve been through as many ups and downs as any family unit, we’ve made mistakes together and learned together. We’ve taken the good and the bad and laughed in the face of adversity. Now we’ll probably never work with each other again. I guess that’s the worst thing about closing down an office – the end.

We’ve not found out what the redundancy deals are yet and how long they might offer as a period of “transition” but in the meantime I have to start job hunting. I love where I live (did I mention that I’d just bought a house?) so I’m going to stay put but I’ll be happy to work in places as far-flung as Leeds, Harrogate, Blackburn, Manchester and anywhere in between.

I’ve been in this game for over 6 years and most of my development experience is on the Microsoft platform using Visual C++, of which I like to say I have near mastery. I’ve got a lot of experience using the flashy new .NET framework and I’ve picked up so many other bits and pieces of skills over the years that I could easily write a thousand words on them alone! Nevertheless, I’m always happy to roll my sleeves up and work hard. And as you should have worked out by now from reading this site I’m an optimistic sort and tend to not get down and negative. If you know of any interesting work kicking around then don’t be shy, let me know. This is your once in a lifetime chance to hire me and see if I’m the same in person as I am through this website. Serious and semi-serious offers only please!

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  1. Damn, and I thought you were immune!

    Hope you find something soon.

    (Just remember, when you look back at other places you have worked, yes they ARE as bad as you remember. Look forward, not back).


  2. Unlucky mate

    How long till the drip stops (i.e. salary)

    I suggest getting a cat or 2 – they will be great company when you are sat watching Kilroy and This Morning in your dressing gown.

    Joking apart – I’ll keep my ear to the ground for anything workwise, though I’ve been trying to find jobs for several of our former work colleagues for ages without success.

    Though the market is picking up by all accounts.

    Out to comiserate on Saturday then?? Scabby Taps at 12 Noon.


  3. There isn’t an emoticon for what I am feeling!

    Lucite hardening…must end life in classic Lorne Greene pose from “Battlestar Gallactica”…best – death – ever!

    (I know, it’s stupid to quote The Simpsons in an effort to cheer you up at a time like this, but, really, it’s the only tool in my arsenal.)


  4. Sorry mate. That’s life sometimes. But it brings out new challenges and creativity. You’ll see. The world is still your oyster.

    Good luck!


  5. I know how ya feel, I was cut from the last “sword of damocles” as you put it from your American cousin here. Good luck with your search, the markets picking up at least!


  6. Sorry to hear you’re for the chop, especially with buying a new house. Hope you find something soon.


  7. Dear John,

    sorry to hear that you have lost your job. I have been there so many times. It’s not funny.

    Don’t think to far in the past or in the future. Become a one day at the time type of person. Get into a “here and now” mode. This not easy to do and takes some effort.

    Look at it this way. You now have some time to:

    -smell the roses in the morning as coffee is brewing and the toasts are getting ready.
    -drive your “long suffering” girl friend to and from work and do the laundry. She really does it need to be driven but you will do it anyway. As for the laundry, she will love you for it.
    -cycle the village and the country; take some pictures
    -fix stuff around the house.
    -Do some cooking. Make your own wine/beer and Meet somebody who’s an expert at it.
    -read a good book
    -take a nap
    -send resumes/go to interviews/. . .
    -Naturally, you will probably decide to redesign your web site. (not that it needs to!)

    Maybe your next job will all allow you to telecommute part of the time. Alternating, one day at the office and one day at home. (That’s one my wishes for when I will have to look for my next job.)

    Hang in there!


  8. Thanks for the comments and advice! I’m not the sort to get depressed, I like to see opportunities in everything – at least I’ve got a month in New Zealand in December to look forward to… 😉


  9. I’ve only just checked in on your site, as I’m on holiday at the moment in Sardinia (fscking Italian keyboard layout on this PC!!) Sorry to hear the bad news but someone of your calibre shouldn’t have any trouble finding something else. Heck, you could always take a huge pay cut and work for the government!


  10. Thanks John, I’m not unduly worried so far. And the government is always an option! As is teaching actually…

    Anyway, you should be out there getting a suntan! Have a kick-ass time!


  11. I can’t believe they’re closing you down just as the market picks up – seems like a stupid decision to me.


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