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A Day By The Sea


I spent Sunday over in Bridlington. This is a coastal holiday town on the east of the country and is still in Yorkshire so I feel justified in writing about it (given that I’m supposed to write about my adventures in Yorkshire).

I’ll start by saying that I never used to go to the coast on holidays when I was a kid because I was brought up on the east coast of Scotland so it would be like sending Eskimos on holiday to Antarctica.

However, at school after our summer holidays some of my friends would tell amazing stories of their trips to Scarborough with water slides as high as Everest and so many exciting, wonderful things to do. Of course, when I actually went to Scarborough last year (just for a day I might add) I was somewhat disappointed and couldn’t really see past the traditional British tourist tat (it was far too much like Blackpool which is far too much like my idea of hell). So with this in mind I was prepared to be underwhelmed. And so it turned out to be.

I couldn’t really tell Bridlington apart from Scarborough – I kept getting deja vu all the time. A perfectly nice beach and village have been ruined by the sort of do-it-on-the-cheap un-classy British coastal holiday vibe. Knotted handkerchiefs and “kiss me quick” hats were order of the day. I’d sooner spend two weeks of my hard-earned holiday in a DIY superstore than there. Or perhaps I was in a bad mood. Anyway, I took the following photos:

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  1. The swimmer warning sign makes my head hurt. I work in documentation and information design, and I ought to show it to my coworkers as an example of ineffective information distribution…


  2. Man – you could be arsed to write comments for each photo!!!

    I usually put up 200 photos at a time and can’t be arsed though….

    Well done – I take it you did it in work time?

    That bottle of Duval was my saviour on Sat by the way – I was well up for it after that. I think you were in Otley before I left the Glasshouse if that’s anything to go by


  3. Yes it was in work time but I was waiting for a compile (you see CityDesk makes this sorta thing very easy – plug, plug).

    I don’t know how you can keep burning the candles at both ends. If you’d put that energy to sports you’d have had Steve Redgrave grovelling at your feet!


  4. I did do for a while – but got bored after a few years.

    Don’t think I’ll ever get back there, too late for an old git like me whose slid so far off the rails.


  5. Thanks! I sucked back the articles I’d posted since my last backup and corrected a few typos (can’t believe I never noticed I spelled ‘cheesecake’ wrongly).

    Patience is a virtue I can ill afford!


  6. I was going to comment that one of the most fun nights of my life was spent in Scarborough, but I checked myself just in time. It wasn’t Scabby, it was Skegness. The Scarborough night was one of the worst I have ever spent.

    The only thing Scabby has to offer is the grave of one of the Brontes (Ann?). The rest of it is, as you say, Blackpool tack.


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