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Oh dear. There I was writing a clever template to act as a photo album for this site and my laptop stopped. Everything froze. I switched it off and tried to switch it on but it wouldn’t boot. I tried the Windows XP recovery CD and it couldn’t access my hard drive.

Long story short: my laptop’s hard drive is toast and the last time I backed my data up was around 4 weeks ago (I do it monthly and was just about due to do it again). So I’ve sent it off in the hope the data can be recovered at no small cost to myself!

If the data can be recovered then I’ll be up and running in a week or so. If not I’ll have to reverse-engineer all the stuff I did over the last month from my site back into my month-old CityDesk database and in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to post again. So either way I’ll be going quiet for a short while. I’m sure you’ll all manage to cope!

Let this be a lesson to you all. Backup all your data weekly, if not more frequently. Message ends.

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  1. Yep … win2k forever =)

    Seriously though, good luck with recovering everything .. hope it works out in the end.


  2. eeek – hope you took off all the animal porn you’d been collecting – if they see that whilst recovering the hard drive, you may get arrested.

    Oh, a task for you and your readers.

    We have purchased the recent issue of FHM which contains the “High Street Honeys”. As part of a team building oriented task, we have been passing said magazine around and jotting down our favourite 10.

    Have a go and see how “John’s Readers” corrolate

    mine are….

    1 4 24 31 32 58 63 96 95 98


  3. Don’t you just hate that? I hope they resurrect it, if only for the alleged animal porn that Ade has so interestingly mentioned.


  4. Ach. don’t worry. Worst case scenario is that I only need to drag in the last 4 weeks posts. Maybe I can correct some typos while I’m at it…


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